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Another attack against the innocent, the youth and the very future of Pakistan. One year after the deadly attack on the Peshawar Army School, today, Bacha Khan University in the very same Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province has been targeted. An attack on a place of study is not only cowardly, but it is also an attack on all of us who believe in the power and the importance of education.


Following today's vote for a new government in the Moldovan Parliament and ensuing demonstrations, the European Union calls for calm and restraint from all sides. We encourage all stakeholders in the country to engage in a dialogue and find, together, a way forward for the Republic of Moldova. 

High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini is in close contact with the EU delegation in Chisinau and follows the situation closely.


À la suite du vote par lequel le Parlement moldave a, ce jour, approuvé la formation d'un nouveau gouvernement et des manifestations qui s'en sont suivies, l'Union européenne appelle toutes les parties à faire preuve de calme et de retenue. Nous encourageons toutes les parties prenantes du pays à engager un dialogue et à définir, ensemble, la voie à suivre pour la République de Moldavie.



20. januar deltok ambassadør Helen Campbell på Norges Rederiforbunds frokostseminar "EU i krise? Konsekvenser for næringslivet," sammen med EØS- og EU-minister Elisabeth Aspaker, Tysklands ambassadør Axel Berg, og administrerende direktør i rederiforbundet, Sturla Henriksen. Ambassadøren orienterte om utfordringene med flyktningkrisen, EUs respons, og planene for 2016.


Today, Deputy Secretary General Christian Leffler hosted a ceremony for the unveiling of a donation from the Mexican artist Adán Paredes, kindly offered through the Mission of Mexico, as a mark of friendship between Mexico and the EU.

The donation is a sculpture of Tláloc, the rain and fertility god created by the Nahua people and subsequently worshipped throughout Mesoamerica.