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Poverty, family dysfunctionality, violence in families, and parents’ migration were all major factors contributing to children ending up on the streets according to a new study presented by UNICEF today regarding children living and working on the streets of Georgia.


სიღარიბე, სხვადასხვა სახის პრობლემა ოჯახში, ძალადობა ოჯახში და მშობელთა მიგრაცია ის ძირითადი ფაქტორებია, რომლებიც ბავშვებს უბიძგებს ქუჩისკენ - ამბობს ქუჩაში მცხოვრები და მომუშავე ბავშვების შესახებ გაეროს ბავშვთა ფონდის მიერ დღეს წარმოდგენილი ახალი კვლევა.


Following some incident reports of several EU Delegations concerning fake award contracts and tenders with the EU logo, using slightly different EU templates and mails, we would like to draw your attention that the perpetrators are using the domain name instead of the correct EEAS email

International organisation Hedayah provides opportunity to do research to explore vulnerability to radicalisation leading to violent extremism in Central Asia and Western Balkans regions.

The EU diplomat, Eva Tvarožková, has complied with all her contractual obligations under the lease agreement, based on a review of all relevant documentation undertaken by the EU/EEAS.


Based on this assessment of the facts, the EU Delegation/EEAS took the necessary legal steps to oppose the landlord's claims and to protect its staff member from an action that it considers unfounded in fact and in law.


Yesterday, Tuesday 24th July, results of the operational phase of the EU-funded two-year ‘Long Term Technical Assistance to the Liberia Revenue Authority Customs Department’ were presented.

The EU thanks the DG and the Secretariat for the latest version of the report on trade related developments. It is as solid and well prepared as always.

In conjunction with ASEAN Day celebration, the European Union Mission to ASEAN and ASEAN Secretariat will organise the 1st ASEAN-EU Cooperation and Scholarships Day . This event will exhibit EU-ASEAN development cooperation projects and provide information about scholarship opportunities for students to study in the European Union and intra-ASEAN.