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The Twinning Project “Support to Digitalization Agenda in Kyrgyzstan“ is seeking an Assistant to the Resident Twinning Adviser (RTA)/Project Assistant, whose activities will include assisting the RTA with co-ordination and management of the Twinning project. The duration of the contract is 21 months. The planned starting date is the November 2021.

Chief Observer, Viola von Cramon, opened today the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) to Iraq’s 2021 Parliamentary Elections in a press conference in Baghdad. Mrs. von Cramon, a Member of the European Parliament from Germany, stated: “this is the EU’s first observation mission to Iraq. It could be seen historic for us in the EU and in Iraq. It is a clear sign of the EU's strong commitment to supporting peaceful, credible and transparent elections in the country”.

16/09/2021 – El Alto Representante para la Política Exterior de la Unión Europea ha descartado que en Afganistán vaya a producirse una crisis de refugiados como la de Siria en 2016. Josep Borrell ha insistido en que la UE tiene una obligación moral con los afganos que han estado trabajando de la mano de Occidente intentando construir un país con libertades.

European Film Festival 2021 – Virtual and Free of Charge

The European Film Festival in South Africa is gearing up for the 8th edition and a feast of great new films await you all. Following the success of last year’s virtual festival the 2021 edition will take place predominantly online from 14 to 24 October.

Today, the Commission proposed a Path to the Digital Decade, a concrete plan to achieve the digital transformation of our society and economy by 2030. The proposed Path to the Digital Decade will translate the EUʼs digital ambitions for 2030 into a concrete delivery mechanism. It will set up a governance framework based on an annual cooperation mechanism with Member States to reach the 2030 Digital Decade targets at Union level in the areas of digital skills, digital infrastructures, digitalisation of businesses and public services. It also aims to identify and implement large-scale digital projects involving the Commission and the Member States.