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The Council reiterates its unequivocal commitment to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s EU perspective as a single, united and sovereign country. The Council deeply regrets the prolonged political crisis in the country and condemns the blockage of the State institutions.


Верховный Представитель ЕС и Европейская Комиссия 13 октября 2021 года представили Совместное коммюнике о наращивании взаимодействия со стороны ЕС в целях обеспечения мира, устойчивого развития и процветания в Арктике.



On 13 October 2021, the High Representative and the Commission put forward their Joint Communication for a stronger EU engagement for a peaceful, sustainable and prosperous Arctic.


On 18 October 2021, Ambassador of the Netherlands and EU Gender champion, Saskia de Lang, and Ambassador of the European Union, Luc Véron, met the Chairperson of the Philippine Commission on Women, Sandra Montano, at Malacañang.

Le Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et de la Communauté Nationale à l'Etranger, la Délégation de l'Union européenne en République Algérienne Démocratique et Populaire et l'Agence Exécutive Européenne pour l'Education et la Culture (EACEA) lancent une procédure pour recruter un nouveau coordinateur local pour son bureau national Erasmus en République Algérienne Démocratique et Populaire.

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We have - as always - a very complex and long meeting. We will start with the Gulf, a very complex region where we have the highest GDP per capita and the most worrisome humanitarian crisis in Yemen. From Qatar to Yemen the situation is very different. We have to see how we engage more with the region, I am coming back from this part of the world, paying a visit, and we will see what we can do to engage more with this region.

EUACI announces the selection of a vendor to provide timely and adequate financial management assistance and capacity building activities to the civil society organisations.