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The conduct of peaceful and transparent elections in Comoros is testament to the progress which the country has made in the democratic process.

The conclusions of the international observation missions have been generally very positive.

The EU contributed to the smooth running of the elections through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights. It will continue to support the Union of the Comoros in its pursuit of a democratic, prosperous and inclusive future.



Le déroulement pacifique et transparent des élections aux Comores témoigne des progrès du processus démocratique dans ce pays.

Les conclusions des missions d'observation internationales déployées sur place sont globalement très positives.


The rejection by a Moscow Court of Ukrainian military pilot Nadiya Savchenko's appeal against her pre-trial detention carries heavy consequences, as she has now spent 75 days on hunger strike to protest against her illegal kidnapping in Ukraine and transfer to Russia. Russia bears a responsibility for her very fragile health.

The EU calls on the Russian authorities to urgently release Ms Savchenko on humanitarian grounds.


Le rejet, par un tribunal moscovite, du recours formé par la pilote de l’armée ukrainienne Nadiya Savtchenko contre sa détention préventive est lourd de conséquences,  Mme  Savtchenko menant une grève de la faim depuis 75 jours pour protester contre son enlèvement illégal en Ukraine et son transfert vers la Russie. La Russie porte la responsabilité de son état de santé très fragile.

L’UE prie les autorités russes de libérer Mme Savtchenko de toute urgence pour raisons humanitaires.


L'Union Européenne et les Etats-Unis se sont lancés dans des négociations visant à créer un Partenariat Transatlantique de Commerce et d'Investissement, destiné non seulement à booster l'économie de l'UE, mais également celle des autres partenaires non membres de l'UE.


L’Unione europea e gli Stati Uniti hanno avviato negoziati per instaurare un partenariato transatlantico per il commercio e gli investimenti e rilanciare non solo l'economia dell'UE, ma anche quella degli altri partner.


Die Europäische Union und die Vereinigten Staaten haben Verhandlungen über ein Transatlantisches Handelsabkommen aufgenommen, das die Wirtschaft in den EU-Mitgliedsländern ankurbeln wird. Davon werden aber auch Drittstaaten wie die Schweiz profitieren.


The European Union need not rush to judgment on the recent Minsk ceasefire and peace accords and can watch in coming months what happens in eastern Ukraine before making a decision on economic sanctions, the bloc’s foreign-policy chief said Thursday. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Federica Mogherini said the EU focus now and in coming weeks should be on doing all it can to build momentum behind the Minsk agreements and their full implementation.

BRUSSELS—Nuclear talks between Iran and six major powers are getting close to agreement after more than a decade of diplomacy, the European Union’s foreign-policy chief Federica Mogherini said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal on Thursday.

You are invited to an off-the-record briefing on the Third Round of negotiations for an EU-Cuba Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement (4-5 March) being held at the EEAS building, Rond-Point Schuman 9, on Friday 27 February at 16h30.

Experts will be present to brief you on the subject matter.