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La Cheffe de la Délégation de l'Union européenne a procédé jeudi au lancement officiel du Programme de Consolidation de l’Etat et du Monde Associatif (Pro-CEMA). C'était en présence des ministres de la Planification du Développement et de la Communication.

As the situation on the ground in Syria deteriorates, the second Brussels Conference on "Supporting the Future of Syria and the region" will focus on humanitarian support and bolstering the UN-led political peace process in Geneva.


В связи с ухудшением положения дел в Сирии основной темой второй Брюссельской конференции «Поддержка будущего Сирии и региона» станет гуманитарная поддержка и продвижение мирного политического процесса, осуществляемого в Женеве при содействии ООН.


Meeting informally in Sofia, EU foreign ministers discussed the newly proposed Strategy for the Western Balkans for the first time, the ways of strengthening the EU perspective of the region and preparations of the EU – Western Balkans Summit in Sofia. The European Union and the Western Balkans have a common interest in working more strongly together, to guarantee both the citizens of the EU and the region the economic and social development as well as security.


February 16, 2018


The European Union Delegation to Liberia held a team-building exercise last week in Monrovia.   The fun filled two days event placed emphasis on practical teamwork and kicked off with the cleaning and painting of a public school located in the Slip way community.

 Activities also included effective communication, trust and discussions on the purpose of the EU.  Delegation Staff also composed and produced through a partnership with Accountability Lab (local NGO) a song which highlighted the EU's core values.