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In a context of a multi-faceted crisis, from the COVID-19 pandemic to the social, economic and financial crisis, as well as the Beirut blast, gender inequalities and gender-based violence (GBV) continue to be exacerbated. In Lebanon, the European Union continues working towards the promotion of gender equality. In the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence we are reminded that improving access to justice is essential for a society where everyone’s rights are upheld equally.

Dans cette tribune libre conjointe signée respectivement par le Haut Représentant de l’UE pour la Affaires étrangères et la Commissaire européenne en charge des Partenariats internationaux, Josep Borrell et Jutta Urpilainen expliquent la vision européenne d’un monde profondément respectueux du principe d’égalité entre les sexes. «Notre objectif, en tant qu'UE, est que chacun ait le même pouvoir de façonner la société et sa propre vie. Nous le mettons noir sur blanc dans notre troisième plan d'action pour l'égalité des sexes, adopté le 24 novembre, appelant à un monde d’égalité entre les sexes».

1389th Meeting of the Committee of Ministers (25 November 2020)

تلاحظ مجموعة الدعم الدولية من أجل لبنان بقلقٍ متزايد الأزمــة الاجتماعيــة والاقتصادية التي تزداد سوءاً في لبنان وتأسف للتأخير المستمر في تشكيل حكومة جديدة قادرة على تنفيذ الإصلاحات المطلوبة بشكل عاجل ومواجهة المحنة المتفاقمة للشعب اللبناني. وتؤكد مجموعة الدعم الدولية مرة أخرى على الحاجة الماسة لأن يتفق القادة السياسيون في لبنان على تشكيل حكومة لديها القدرة والإرادة لتنفيذ الإصلاحات اللازمة دون مزيد من التأخير.


The International Support Group for Lebanon notes with growing concern the worsening social and economic crisis in Lebanon and laments the continued delays to the formation of a new government capable of urgently delivering on needed reforms and of countering the deepening distress of the Lebanese people. The ISG underscores again the overriding need for Lebanon’s political leaders to agree to form a government with the capacity and will to implement necessary reforms without further delay.


La Unión Europea ha lanzado su nuevo Plan de Acción de Género 2021-2025 (GAP III). Compartimos el artículo de opinión escrito por el Sr. Borrell, Alto Representarte para Asuntos Exteriores y Vicepresidente de la Comisión Europea, y la Sra. Urpilainen, Comisaria europea para Asociaciones Internacionales.

On 20 January 2014, the EU Foreign Affairs Ministers Council approved a Task Force led by the European Union in the Central African Republic. The European Union Force in the Central African Republic (EUFOR - RCA) was established on the legal basis of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2 134 (2014). EUFOR RCA contributed to the achievement of a safe and secure environment in the Bangui area, as part of the international efforts to protect the populations most at risk, and to create the conditions for providing humanitarian aid.

EUTM Somalia aims to strengthen the Somali federal defence institutions by providing training, mentoring and advice. EUTM Somalia ensures that its activities are tailored to the best interests of the Somali defence institutions and are coordinated with other international partners. EUTM Somalia focuses on increasing the proficiency, effectiveness, credibility and accountability of the Somali defence sector to enable Somali authorities to progressively take over security responsibilities.

EUTM Mali was launched on 18 February 2013. EUTM Mali is mandated to assist the Malian Armed Forces in restoring their military capacity through of the provision of advice, education and training. It supports the Malian authorities to reach self-sustainable Malian Armed Forces capable of conducting military operations to restore Malian territorial integrity and reduce the threat posed by terrorist groups. In addition, EUTM Mali delivers military assistance to the G5 Sahel countries (Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Chad), and to their Joint Force. EUTM Mali is not be involved in combat operations.