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Journalists are invited to apply for the 2016 European Union-QANTAS Journalist Award. The award is open to an Australian journalist with more than three years working experience in print or electronic media. They will need to satisfy the selection panel that he or she would benefit from a working visit to the European Union institutions and two to three Member States. While the subject of the project proposal is open to the journalist's particular interests, it must be based on European themes relevant to an Australian audience.

WHO - 69th World Health Assembly (23-28 May 2016) - Agenda item11.3: FENSA

WHO - 69th World Health Assembly (23-28 May 2016) - Agenda item 12.6: Public health dimension of the world drug problem

La nouvelle de la libération des journalistes Salud Hernandez-Mora, Diego D'Pablos et Carlos Melo, dont j'avais parlé voici quelques jours à Bogota, est un grand soulagement.

J'espère que cette mesure positive sera suivie d'autres gestes de nature à restaurer la confiance et à ouvrir la voie au lancement de pourparlers officiels de paix entre le gouvernement colombien et l'ELN, en parallèle avec les négociations de la Havane entre le gouvernement et les FARC.


The news of the release of the journalists Salud Hernandez-Mora, Diego D'Pablos and Carlos Melo, that I discussed just a few days ago in Bogota, is a great relief.

I hope this positive step will be accompanied by other confidence-building gestures, that could pave the way to the opening of formal peace negotiations between the Government of Colombia and the ELN, thus paralleling the ongoing Havana negotiations between the Government and the FARC.