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EU project “Justice Sector Reform and Anti-Corruption in the Republic of Maldives” is looking for a Maldivian lawyer to serve as Project Assistant (full time).

"To all the young women I advise to be prepared with skills to face all the challenges of today’s world. The same skills will match the same opportunities, and this allows us to conduct our lives in all possible directions."

This Women’s Month, the EU family is joining forces to call on everyone to help ensure a gender-equal world.

In line with the theme #ChoosetoChallenge, expect a cycling tour, a series of film screenings, dialogues and roundtable discussions  as the EU strongly advocates for gender equity and gender equality and to highlight the role of women in all these efforts.

В период с 28 февраля по 3 марта Председатель Европейского Совета Шарль Мишель совершил визиты в Молдову, Грузию и Украину, чтобы обсудить двусторонние отношения, совместные меры по борьбе с COVID-19 и будущее Восточного партнерства.


On 28 February – 3 March, President of the European Council visited Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine to discuss bilateral relations, the common fight against Covid-19, and the future of the Eastern Partnership.


Сегодня Республика Молдова стала первой страной в европейском регионе, получившей вакцину против COVID-19 в рамках инициативы COVAX