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ALMATY, November 24, 2021 – Over the course of the last week, three new hazard and vulnerability assessments were delivered under the European Union-funded “Strengthening Financial Resilience and Accelerating Risk Reduction in Central Asia” (SFRARR) Program and presented to technical experts and representatives of Central Asian disaster risk management agencies and the Center for Emergency Situations and Disaster Risk Reduction (CESDRR).


Dili, 25 November 2021: The European Union (EU) Delegation to Timor-Leste, represented by the EU Ambassador, Andrew Jacobs, together with the Government, represented by the Secretary of State for Equality and Inclusion, Maria José da Fonseca Monteiro de Jesus, and the United Nations (UN), represented by the UN Country Representative, Roy Trivedy, lit up in orange the iconic Cristo Rei statue in an evening ceremony to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, organised in collaboration with the Dili Municipality, under the EU-UN Spot

Upon recruitment, the successful candidate will occupy a specific job function as Office Support Agent - this job function may be changed in accordance with the needs of the Delegation. Under this job function the successful candidate will serve as support staff to the Administration Section of the Delegation under the supervision and responsibility of the Head of Administration.

Garantizar la libertad frente a todas las formas de violencia de género es una parte central del Tercer Plan de Acción de Género de la Unión Europea.

Delegasi Uni Eropa untuk Indonesia mengeluarkan pernyataan berikut, bersama dengan Kedutaan Besar Negara-negara Anggota Uni Eropa di Indonesia


The Delegation of the European Union issues the following statement together with the diplomatic missions of the EU Member States in Indonesia


En el sexto Comité Estratégico del Fondo Europeo para la Paz, celebrado el 25 de noviembre 2021, la Unión Europea y sus Estados Miembros reiteran un firme compromiso por seguir apoyando el Acuerdo de Paz en Colombia, un proceso irreversible y de un horizonte de largo plazo.