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연사: 미하엘 라이터러 주한 유럽연합 대사, 2020년 7월 30일 (10-12시), 국회 기후위기 그린뉴딜 연구회 주관


Can you take a selfie from space? The European Union Delegation to Australia together with European Embassies and High Commissions in Canberra are about to find out!

The 3rd ASEAN-EU Cooperation and Scholarships Day 2020 will be organised virtually on 13-14 August 2020

Latest naval mobilisations in Eastern Mediterranean are extremely worrying. They will not contribute to finding any solutions. On the contrary, they will lead to a greater antagonism and distrust. Maritime boundaries must be defined through dialogue and negotiations, not through unilateral actions and mobilisation of naval forces. Disputes must be solved in accordance with international law. The European Union is committed to help solving such disputes and disagreements in this area of vital security interest.