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On 24 October, the European Union turns blue to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. We celebrate a moment that turned the course of history: when global powers, in 1945, decided to work together for peace.


Over 250 million citizens of the Blue Nile Basin stand to benefit from a predictable agreement based on a negotiated arrangement for the filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and are expecting investments in water security, irrigation, agricultural production and electricity generation.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, EU Ambassadors in Geneva are sending their best wishes from across the EU. With this special Happy Birthday video, we celebrate – socially distanced but virtually united – achievements of multilateral cooperation of the past 75 years and the EU’s longstanding partnership with the UN.

Today we celebrate one of the greatest achievements in history: the birth of the United Nations 75 years ago! The UN was founded to rebuild trust and cooperation among people; to bring peace in a world stranded by a devastating war. All the European Union’s institutions, including the EEAS turn blue to mark this anniversary, to show once again how deep and strong the EU commitment to the UN is; to pay tribute to an achievement that needs to be preserved, and equipped, to face new challenges.

Menteri Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional/ Kepala Bappenas Suharso Monoarfa bersama Duta Besar Uni Eropa untuk Indonesia H.E. Vincent Piket meluncurkan Pekan Diplomasi Iklim Uni Eropa 2020 secara virtual di Jakarta, Sabtu (24/10).


The Minister for National Development Planning/Head of Bappenas of the Republic Indonesia Suharso Monoarfa, together with the European Union (EU) Ambassador to Indonesia, H.E. Mr Vincent Piket, launched EU Climate Diplomacy Week 2020 in a virtual online event in Jakarta on Saturday (10/24).


The year 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the United Nations: In 1945, soon after the end of the Second World War, nations worldwide took the commitment to work together for peace. At around the same time years, European countries chose to follow the same path with the European Union.