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Как анонсировал Председатель Европейской Комиссии Юнкер в своем докладе о положении дел в Союзе 2016 года, Европейская Комиссия представила 1 марта доклад о будущем Европы, который является вкладом Комиссии в подготовку саммита в Риме 25 марта 2017 года.


Le deuxième Programme d’appui à la diversification de l’économie (DIVECO2) se concentre sur le secteur de la pêche et de l’aquaculture. Il apporte une contribution directe à la réalisation du programme Aquapêche-2020 du Ministère de l’Agriculture, du Développement rural et de la Pêche.



Erasmus is one of the most successful programmes of the European Union. For three decades, it has been offering in particular young people opportunities to gain new experiences and broaden their horizons by going abroad. What started as a modest mobility scheme for higher education students back in 1987, with only 3,200 students in its first year, has developed over the last 30 years into a flagship programme benefiting almost 300,000 higher education students per year.

The European Commission presented a White Paper on the Future of Europe, which forms the Commission's contribution to the Rome Summit of 25 March 2017. As we prepare to mark the 60th anniversary of the EU, we look back on a peace spanning seven

The EU Delegation to South Africa has taken note of continuous allegation made by some South African poultry producers' regarding the European Union and chicken bone-in imports to South Africa.

In this regard the European Union wishes to state that the SADC EU Economic Partnership Agreement, rather than media, provides the framework to resolve differences; we therefore remain committed to the procedure being conducted by ITAC, hopeful that a reasonable outcome may be reached in that context. 

The recently concluded 16th Donor Group meeting on Aid for Trade (AfT) reviewed the implementation of the Action Matrix of Nepal Trade Integration Strategy (NTIS) 2016; the Capacity Development Strategy (CDS) of Ministry of Commerce; and the formal handing over the role of Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) Nepal Donor Facilitator from the Embassy of Germany to the European Union Delegation to Nepal.