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Come si è evoluta la politica estera dell'Unione Europea negli ultimi anni? Quali sono stati i principali risultati? Quali sono le maggiori opportunità e le principali sfide per l'UE in un panorama in rapido cambiamento?

Comment la politique étrangère de l'Union européenne a-t-elle évolué ces dernières années ? Quelles ont été les principales réalisations ? Quelles sont les plus grandes opportunités et les principaux défis pour l'UE dans un paysage qui évolue rapidement ?

2020 წლის 27 ნოემბერს საქართველო პირველად უერთდება 29 ქვეყანას „ევროპელ მკვლევართა ღამის“ საზეიმო აღნიშვნას. ღონისძიება მთელი ევროპის მასშტაბით იმართება და მისი მიზანია მეცნიერებისა და ფართო საზოგადოების დაახლოება.


On 27 November 2020 for the first time Georgia joins, other 29 countries in celebrating European Researchers' Night – a Europe-wide public event that brings researchers closer to the public.


The EUR 8 millon initiative aims to support the building of an innovative and competitive economy in Trinidad and Tobago.

3-2020 Call for Contributions for the European Union Advisory Mission in support of Security Sector Reform to Iraq (EUAM Iraq) - Deadline for applications: Friday 18 December 2020 17:00 CET (Brussels time)

The European Union Delegation to Ethiopia offers a post as Programme manager/Governance and Justice Officer in the Governance, Economics and Social Sectors team. He/she will be part of the team in charge of Governance projects and programmes management. This includes financial follow up, monitoring of the activities, strategic steering of the programme/project, monitoring the governance sector, exchanging with relevant stakeholders, reporting to colleagues and hierarchy. The post requires advanced university degree and experience in law, Human Rights or Political Science.