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International Labour Conference - 105th session (30th May – 10th June 2016) - Committee on Decent work for peace, security and disaster resilience - Opening Statement

The NSW Minister for Trade, Tourism and Major Events, Stuart Ayres, will join four European ambassadors in Sydney tomorrow for the start of EU Green Week to highlight the role investment can play in a brighter and greener future. Minister Ayres, the ambassadors from the European Union, France, Finland and Denmark, as well as Sustainable Business Australia, will participate in a public panel event in the CBD titled, "Investing for a greener future".

The terrorist attack on a MINUSMA convoy in the Mopti region left five MINUSMA peacekeepers dead, just days after a similar attack killed five Malian soldiers in the vicinity of Menaka. This targeted violence against the forces tasked with restoring security in Mali and facilitating the implementation of the Peace Agreement is unacceptable. The perpetrators of these acts must be brought to justice.


Open Call for Proposals on Food & Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture with the support of the European Union.

Journalists are invited to apply for the 2016 European Union-QANTAS Journalist Award. The award is open to an Australian journalist with more than three years working experience in print or electronic media. They will need to satisfy the selection panel that he or she would benefit from a working visit to the European Union institutions and two to three Member States. While the subject of the project proposal is open to the journalist's particular interests, it must be based on European themes relevant to an Australian audience.