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The project supports the functioning of and reinforces the capacity of the Armenian National Platform (ANP) Secretariat

The project increases capacities of CSOs in Armenia as independent development actors - to make them more competent, more responsive to citizens’ needs, and proactively supporting country’s development through practical, project-based approaches.

The overall objective of the action is to increase the role of CSOs in promoting anti-corruption reforms.

The project's overall objective is to contribute to the fight against corruption in Armenia. The specific objective of the project is to raise awareness, especially among youth, regarding the risks presented by different types of corruption and the value and rewards of resisting corruption as an investment in long-term personal and societal prosperity.

The project aims at strengthening and promoting CSOs in building effective, accountable and transparent reform monitoring mechanisms through policy dialogue.

The project aims to provide technical assistance to the Public Debt Management Department of the Ministry of Finance under the guidance of its Director and encompass the following three areas of services:

European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) Country Based Support Scheme (CBSS) – Eritrea

The project will revise legislation to match good practice for public internal financial control; propose adoption of standards for internal control and internal audit that are in line with international good practice, incl. risk management and implement the foundation of the pillar on Financial Management Control.