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Группа «Послов европейской молодежи», из ЕС и Республики Молдова посетят школы и университеты по всей стране в течение месяца, чтобы говорить о европейских ценностях, а также помощи и возможностей, которые ЕС предоставляет стране.

Un grup de "Tineri Ambasadori Europeni" din UE și Republica Moldova vor vizita școlile și universitățile din Republica Moldova pentru o lună pentru a vorbi despre valorile europene, precum și asistența și oportunitățile pe care UE le oferă țării.

A group of EU and Moldovan “Young European Ambassadors” will visit schools and universities across the Republic of Moldova for a month to talk about European values, as well as the assistance and opportunities which the EU provides to the country.

The European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) for Zambia’s 2016 general elections published today its Final Report, comprising an assessment of the electoral process and offering 33 recommendations for reforms to improve future electoral processes in Zambia.

La valeur globale de l'économie maritime est estimée à 1 300 milliards d'euros. Le changement climatique, la pauvreté et la sécurité alimentaire font partie des défis mondiaux qui peuvent être relevés efficacement si les océans sont mieux protégés et gérés de manière durable.


يُقدر اقتصاد المحيطات في العالم بزهاء 3،1 تريليون أورو. ويُعتبر التغير المناخي والفقر والأمن الغذائي ضمن التحديات العالمية التي يمكن معالجتها على نحو فعال إن وفرنا للمحيطات حماية أفضل و إدارة مستدامة.


"The EU welcomes the new Strategy of the Ministry of Trade and Industry which focuses on making the Egyptian industry more competitive so as to increase exports and to create jobs. We will continue to provide support to the Ministry and its stakeholders for the implementation of this Strategy through our ongoing TDMEP cooperation programme as well as forthcoming support for development of small and medium enterprises. We are keen to see the Ministry cooperate with the private sector in formulating the sector specific strategies. We want to see stakeholders align behind the important and essential ambition of generating inclusive growth in the Egyptian economy. A comprehensive strategic framework which is implemented without delays will go long way in building the much needed predictability for attracting new investments" said Mr Brender during the launch event. The Trade and Domestic Market Enhancement Programme, funded by the European Union, to the magnitude of EUR 20 million, are implemented by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The Programme currently runs till the end of 2017.