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Your Royal Highness, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen;
Dear colleagues, Foreign Ministers from Europe and from Asia,
I would like first of all to thank Luxembourg, who holds the rotating European Union Presidency these  6 months, for being our generous host for the 12th ASEM Foreign Ministers' Meeting.

Biking+Walking with Commissioner Andriukaitis

On the occasion of the visit of Commissioner Andriukaitis, responsible for Health and Food Safety, together with the celebration of the 40th Anniversary, the AGRI-SANTE section has organized biking+walking activity to promote healthy lifestyle.



Aujourd'hui, j'ai rencontré M. Eamon Gilmore que j'ai nommé envoyé spécial pour le processus de paix en Colombie. Le soutien à ce processus de paix a été une de mes priorités dès le début de mon mandat, il y a un an. Au cours des douze derniers mois, j'ai rencontré le président Santos à plusieurs reprises et c'est avec son plein accord que j'ai confié cette mission à M. Gilmore.



Today I met with Eamon Gilmore, whom I appointed as my Special Envoy for the peace process in Colombia. Providing support to this peace process has been one of the priorities since the beginning of my mandate a year ago.


High Representative Mogherini met with Eamon Gilmore, the new EU Special Envoy for the peace process in Colombia. She appointed him to provide support in a crucial moment: the two sides have recently reached a ground-breaking agreement on transitional justice.


La alta representante Federica Mogherini se ha reunido con Eamon Gilmore, el nuevo enviado especial de la Unión Europea para el proceso de paz en Colombia. Gilmore ha sido designado por Mogherini en un momento crucial en el que las dos partes han llegado recientemente al acuerdo más importante alcanzado hasta el momento en materia de justicia transnacional.