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Ces derniers jours, le Royaume d'Arabie saoudite a exécuté plusieurs personnes condamnées pour trafic de drogue. Ces dernières exécutions portent à plus de cent cinquante le nombre de personnes exécutées depuis janvier 2015. Ce chiffre dépasse déjà le nombre total d'exécutions enregistrées en un an dans le Royaume depuis 1995.



Over the last few days, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia executed a number of persons convicted for drug trafficking offenses. These latest executions bring the number of people put to death since January 2015 to over 150. This figure already surpasses the total of executions recorded in a single year in the Kingdom since 1995.


The 2015 general elections were considered a historic milestone for the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. After decades of military rule, citizens had for the first time a real choice between different candidates and parties. And it was also the first time that the European Union sent an Election Observation Mission ( EU EOM) to the Southeast-Asian country. Following an invitation by the Union Election Commission the EU deployed - with Alexander Graf Lambsdorff as Chief Observer - about 150 observers throughout the country. This was the largest international mission for the polls on 8 November.