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151st session of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Council: Item 15 regarding 19-21 November 2014 conference (ICN2). Rome, 23-27 March 2015

The signature of the agreement regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Project (GERDP) by Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan yesterday in Khartoum marks an important political initiative for the management of the Nile Waters.
The European Union has always supported an equitable outcome that would enable the waters of the Nile – on which millions of people depend for their life and livelihoods - to be used for the development of all.





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Thank you very much for being here in Brussels today. It is an honour for me to welcome you all in Brussels. Let me start with a sad note. I know that Hicham Youssef just lost his father. I would like to present him our deep condolences, and thank him for staying with us in these very sad circumstances. Thank you very much.

We have this morning an important meeting in Brussels, thanks to the excellent work of the UN SG envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon in cooperation with us. The EU and the UN are working on a daily basis together on the Libyan issue and Bernardino Leon has just come from Morocco to continue political dialogue today with the mayors. We have many mayors, representatives of different municipalities from all over Libya, all sides of Libya. Many of the cities they work in have been attacked recently.

L'arrestation et la détention récentes de militantes féministes en Chine au motif qu'elles voulaient lancer une campagne contre le harcèlement sexuel, à l'occasion de la Journée internationale de la femme, constituent une violation de leur droit à manifester pacifiquement. Nous demandons instamment aux autorités chinoises de les libérer immédiatement.