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A follow-up workshop of the EU-Africa Business Forum took place in Brussels on June 15 2016 as a side event to the European Development Days. Building on the success and momentum of the 5th EU-Africa Business Forum, held in 2014, this is the fourth in a series of EABF follow-up workshops organised in Africa and Europe by the European Commission and the African Union Commission.

The attack on the Ruqban district has killed 6 Jordanian soldiers and wounded security forces who were performing their duty, defending their country. In these difficult moments, the EU expresses its sincere condolences to the families and relatives of the victims as well as to Jordanian authorities and people.


Поздравления Марине, выигравшей первую Стипендию Сахарова в области Прав Человека, установлено Европейским Парламентом. Надеюсь, что обучение мирового класса в Брюсселе и Венеции поможет ей развивать дальнейшее освещение вопросов прав человека в молдавских СМИ.

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