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Європейський Союз заборонив українцям продавати молоко із приватних домогосподарств. Таку і іншу схожу неправдиву інформацію поширюють російські, а після них також деякі українські медіа.


"The EU has banned the Ukrainians from selling milk produced by private households". This and other untrue information is disseminated by a number of state-controlled Russian media and echoed by some local media.

No dia 24 de janeiro de 2018 foi inaugurado o Mercado de Gã Mamudo (Ganadu, Bafatá). Na próxima 4ª feira, dia 31 de janeiro, às 11h, será a vez do Mercado de Nova Sintra (Tite, Quinara). Os dois mercados foram construídos no âmbito do Projeto UE-ACTIVA | Eixo 1, financiado pela União Europeia e pela Cooperação Portuguesa e implementado pelo IMVF - Instituto Marquês de Valle Flôr em parceria com a Rede de Soberania e Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional da Guiné-Bissau - RESSAN-GB.

As part of efforts to strengthen European cultural relations with Kenya, here's a list of cultural activities and events for the month of February

The new "EU priorities for cooperation with the Council of Europe in 2018-2019" were presented on January 29th, to the EU candidate and potential candidate countries, at the EU Delegation in Strasbourg.

The EU is working with partners – including UNHCR - to provide refugees with access to education. Learning the language is key to finding work, friends and ultimately a new home.

This air quality improvement plan was prepared in order to provide a strategy for the air quality improvement in the Skopje agglomeration, which includes the municipalities of City of Skopje (Aerodrom, Butel, Centar, Cair, Gazi Baba, Gjorce Petrov, Karpos, Kisela Voda, Saraj and Suto Orizari) and the rural municipalities Aracinovo, Cucer-Sandevo, Ilinden, Petrovec, Sopiste, Studenicani and Zelenikovo. As part of the plan an air quality assessment was carried out for all the pollutants regulated by the national legislation.