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Team Europe on Wednesday successfully operated its second Humanitarian Air Bridge flight to Juba South Sudan, with supplies for COVID-19 and other humanitarian needs in the country. The first flight arrived in Juba a week ago. The cargo on these flights amounts to over 80 tonnes. 

In the four years that I have had the privilege to spend in Uzbekistan as the ambassador of the European Union, I have been a witness to a transformation of the country and its society that has been nothing short of impressive. While a lot remains to be done, plans to be concretised and fruits of the reforms reaped, I believe that the country can look confidently to a brighter future. Unfortunately, this year has brought also a new challenge to Uzbekistan and the whole world in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic. The efforts to counter its effects on the lives of people have cost dearly to the country and diverted resources that could have been used to build a better future. When Uzbekistan starts to rise again from the crisis, its key objectives will be more important than ever: Continue the reforms towards good governance and sustainable growth that benefits all.

As indústrias criativas e culturais representam actualmente cerca de 3% do PIB mundial e cerca de 30 milhões de empregos. A cultura contribui com 1.5% PIB nos países em desenvolvimento e 5.7% do PIB em países de baixa e média renda.