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Состоявшись впервые в 2006 году по инициативе Европейской Комиссии, EUSEW собирает сотни организаций и людей со всех стран Европы и за ее пределами для распространения передового опыта, для вдохновения на новые идеи, способствовать реализации Стратегии ЕС 2020. Республика Молдова активно работает над усилением нергоэффективности в стране, продвижения использования возобновляемых источников энергии и модернизации энергетической

Honourable and Dearest Children, Waheshimiwa na Wapendwa Watoto Representative from the Ministry of Information, Sports, Artists & Culture, Government Representatives present today,

Representatives of International Organizations

Representatives of Civil Society Organizations, Members of the Press

Dear Colleagues Ladies and Gentlemen,

HAMJAMBO WATOTO WAZURI? [How are you children?]

Today is World Refugee Day. This year has illustrated the plight of refugees even more clearly than before, with thousands of people arriving in Europe, requiring a coordinated and concerted response from the European Union.

Check against delivery!

Good morning, very briefly, you know that today we have, as usual, a very busy agenda. We will start with two issues that geographically are far away from each other: the Arctic and the Sahel. This is also a clear example of the fact that the united European Union has an impact on regions that are close to us, both in the North and in the South.