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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) organized a series of seminars for local SMEs to transfer skills and knowledge on digital marketing and sales and introduce advanced marking techniques such as the use of digital media (e-commerce, on-line marketing), social media, online networking, search engine optimization and Google Analytics, Yandex. Metrics tools for effective market research.

Россия и ЕС признают друг друга в качестве ключевых партнеров на международной арене и сотрудничают в вопросах, представляющих взаимный интерес.


The EU and Russia recognise each other as key partners on the international scene and cooperate on a number of issues of mutual interest.


The European Union (EU) has a strong interest in a stable, secure, united and prosperous Libya. Through diplomatic action and bilateral support, the EU seeks to assist the country and the Libyan people to return to peace and resume the transition to democracy. The EU fully supports the United Nations (UN)-led mediation efforts in the Libyan conflict.

On 1 March EUAM Iraq met with the EU Ambassadors in Baghdad and briefed on the state of play of the Mission.

EUAM Iraq’s advisors presented the ongoing activities and work of the mission in several fields such as Human Resources Information System, SSR coordination, organised crime, counter-terrorism, border management, planning and policy, international cooperation and gender and human rights.

The bimonthly meeting provided an opportunity for a fruitful exchange of views and ideas.