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In a year which marks its 10th anniversary, the Human Rights Council clearly continues to play a paramount role in the UN human rights system. It is a crucial forum in which the EU defends and promotes the universality, indivisibility, and interdependence of human rights.

Despite many calls, Ukranian pilot Nadiya Savchenko has been sentenced yesterday.
We continue to add our voices to the many others worldwide calling on the Russian authorities to immediately and unconditionally release Nadiya Savchenko, on humanitarian grounds, and in keeping with the "Package of measures for the implementation of the Minsk agreements" and the commitment therein to release all hostages and detained persons related to the conflict in eastern Ukraine.


Malgré de nombreux appels, la pilote ukrainienne Nadia Savtchenko a été condamnée hier.  


Description : The purposes of this contract is three-fold: support the de-regulation policy and implementation actions of the Ukrainian authorities at all relevant levels with particular focus on SMEs in priority sectors; strengthen the capacity of Ukrainian Ukrainian national, regional and local authorities and other stakeholders to  implement effective economic development policies with specific focus on SMEs; improve access to information for Ukrainian SMEs.

Location: Ukraine

En solidarité avec les victims des attaques d'hier, ainsi qu'avec nos amis et collègues à Bruxelles et à l'Ambassade de Belgique à Ottawa, la Délégation de l'Union européenne au Canada, les Ambassades de Lithuanie et de Slovénie, ainsi que la Haute Commission de Chypre ont observé une minute de silence ce matin. Nous sommes également très touchés par les tous les gestes de soutien et de solidarité de nos amis canadiens en ces moments difficiles.



Federica Mogherini was this afternoon in Geneva to hold talks with UN Special Envoy to Syria, Staffan De Mistura. Having spent the morning in Brussels with the Prime Minister of Belgium, the Prime Minister of France and colleagues in the European Commission commemorating and honouring the victims of Tuesday’s attacks in Brussels, she travelled to Geneva to support the UN talks.


Посол ЕС в России рассказал о ситуации с "Северным потоком 2" и нашел связь между приговором Савченко и Минскими соглашениями