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Совет сегодня решил применить ограничительные меры в отношении 78 белорусских физических лиц и 8 юридических лиц. Это решение было принято ввиду эскалации серьезных нарушений прав человека в Беларуси и насильственных репрессий против гражданского общества, демократической оппозиции и журналистов.

The Council today decided to impose restrictive measures against 78 Belarusian individuals and 8 entities. This decision was made in view of the escalation of serious human rights violations in Belarus and the violent repression of civil society, democratic opposition and journalists.

The Council today imposed sanctions on 8 individuals, 3 economic entities and the War Veterans Organisation in relation to the military coup staged in Myanmar/Burma on 1 February 2021, and the ensuing repression against peaceful demonstrators. The EU's restrictive measures are largely aligned with those of major international partners.


On 21st June 2021, the European Council adopted the EU Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World for 2020. This report provides a snapshot of the EU’s engagement and actions to promote and protect human rights across the globe in 2020. The report is thematic and includes country-specific examples of the EU action.


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On Monday 21th June 2021, the European Union (EU) and the Government of Tanzania jointly launched AGRI-CONNECT, a flagship programme to support sustainable agriculture for a total EU funded amount of EUR 100 million (approximately TZS 275 billion).

Election observation is a vital EU activity aiming to promote democracy, human rights and the rule of law worldwide. It contributes to strengthening democratic institutions, building public confidence in electoral processes, helping to deter fraud, intimidation and violence. It also reinforces other key EU foreign policy objectives, in particular peace-building.

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