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"The fighting must stop now - the international community should unite to stop this human suffering" stated on Friday a declaration by the High Representative Federica Mogherini on behalf of the European Union on Syria and the ongoing massacre in Eastern Ghouta adding that  "the European Union calls on all parties to the conflict, as well as the guarantors of the four De-Escalation Areas, to take all necessary measures to ensure an immediate ceasefire, the protection of the Syrian people by respecting International Humanitarian Law, and urgent humanitarian access." The declaration also call


«Les combats doivent s’arrêter immédiatement . Il importe que la communauté internationale s'unisse pour faire cesser ces souffrances humaines», a déclaré vendredi la haute représentante Federica Mogherini au nom de l’Union européenne, au sujet de la Syrie et du massacre perpétré actuellement dans la Ghouta orientale.


The European Union is running out of words to describe the horror being experienced by the people of Eastern Ghouta.


Ce rapport publié par le Centre commun de recherche dresse un état des lieux des filières de production végétales et une revue des politiques agricoles.

Significant political, security and development support were mobilised today for Africa's Sahel region.

АСТАНА – Қазақстан елордасында екі күндік «Еуропалық Одақ – Орталық Азия қатынастарының 25 жылдығы: өткеннен болашаққа» халықаралық конференциясы болып өтті. Конференцияны Қазақстандағы Еуропалық Одақ Өкілдігі ұйымдастырды.