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Un rétablissement complet de la pandémie mondiale de COVID-19 dépendra d’une part de notre volonté collective à travailler ensemble, à suivre la science, à renforcer nos économies et nos échanges; et d’autre part de notre capacité à rester fidèles à nos valeurs communes de solidarité, de diversité, de multilatéralisme.


Full recovery from the global pandemic hinges on our collective willingness to pull together, follow the science, strengthen our economies, and stay true to our shared values of global solidarity, open and fair trade, diversity, and multilateralism.


The EU Chamber of Commerce in Canada, EUCCAN, is co-organising a networking workshop on opportunities for cooperation and partnerships between European and Canadian tech SMEs and ventures in clean tech, agri tech and health tech.

העלייה המשמעותית באלימות בגדה המערבית הכבושה, כולל במזרח ירושלים, וכן גם בתוך ומסביב לעזה צריכה להיפסק באופן מיידי.


The significant upsurge in violence in the occupied West Bank, including in East Jerusalem as well as in and around Gaza needs to stop immediately.

The firing of rockets from Gaza against civilian populations in Israel is totally unacceptable and feeds escalatory dynamics.

All leaders have a responsibility to act against extremists. The status quo of the holy sites must be fully respected. 

We reiterate our call on all sides to engage in de-escalatory efforts. Further civilian casualties must be prevented as a priority.


Post of Programme Officer in the Delegation in Brasilia responsible, as part of the FPI Regional team, for bilateral, regional and multi-country FPI projects in the region.

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Good afternoon everybody.

It has been a long and intense Foreign Affairs Council. Let me focus on the two main issues, which reflect our strategic priorities: the Western Balkans on one side and the relations with the United States on the other.

There were a number of other current issues, let me cite among them Palestine, let me start with it. Our initial focus was on the situation with regard to the postponed Palestinian elections, but we also discussed about the serious situation on the ground.

The Government of Ghana has received funding from the European Union towards the implementation of the Ghana Public Finance Management Support Programme and has engaged EY and its consortium partners to provide related technical assistance. The purpose of this programme is to build a more robust oversight function of Independent Government Institutions and Parliament.

The Regreening Africa Project has prepared an information brief on best practices, opportunities and bottlenecks for scaling-up regreening practices in Ghana. The brief is to support EU programming at the country level. The information offers opportunities for the development of further options in Ghana.