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Created the Rodrigues Student Needs Association (RSNA) Rodrigues, Republic of Mauritius

Director,Centre de Formation Agricole Frère Rémi Rodrigues, Republic of Mauritius

Director of the guest house Rodrigues Coco Villa Rodrigues, Republic of Mauritius


Federica Mogherini discussed developments in Syria with members of the European Parliament, during today's plenary session in Strasbourg. She highlighted that, although the war is still on, the first cessation of hostilities in five years is taking place, and humanitarian aid is being delivered to tens of thousands inside the country. The truce and the humanitarian relief can facilitate UN-led intra-Syrian peace negotiations, which are due to resume in Geneva in the coming days.


"Today we celebrate women. We celebrate their role in society, at work, in our families and lives. We also remember their suffering, hardship and injustice, which for many is still a reality today." This was the first message in a joint statement issued today by Federica Mogherini together with other European Commissioners to mark the occasion of International Women's Day. The Commissioners stressed that "we must promote gender equality not just today, on International Women's Day, but every day."


Nuevos retos y oportunidades se abren para consolidar el papel de las ciudades y gobiernos locales de ambas regiones en el mundo.

Общество, в котором женщины пользуются теми же правами, что и мужчины, это не просто справедливое, но еще и безопасное и богатое общество. Если у женщин нет доступа к хорошему образованию или к работе, мы теряем их огромный потенциал, и это обедняет нас всех.