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Le Projet d’Appui à l’Engagement civique des Jeunes (PAEJ) cofinancé par l’Union européenne et mise en œuvre par Near East Foundation UK et l’Association Jeunes pour Jeunes (AJJ) dans les provinces de Sidi Bennour et El Jadida, célèbre, le 12 août 2020, la journée internationale de la jeunesse, sous le thème « Jeunes engagés pour un monde sans COVID-19 ».


Several projects are currently implemented in Kyrgyzstan through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights )EIDH.

Hér er hlekkur á gagnvirkt kort um þær Covid-tengdu reglur sem eru í gildi um ferðalög innan Schengen/EES-svæðisins. Þar á meðal vegna ferðalaga til og frá Íslandi.

If you would like to have a quiet and comfortable vacation in the mountains, then the luxury camping located in the village of Dandalo, in Keda is the place for you.

The recent arrests of Jimmy Lai, members of his family and other individuals, and the raid on the offices of newspaper Apple Daily, under allegations of collusion with foreign forces, further stoke fears that the National Security Law is being used to stifle freedom of expression and of the media in Hong Kong.


Уполномоченные сотрудники Представительств Европейского Союза (ЕС) в странах Центральной Азии (ЦА) и журналисты-участники конкурса ЕС «Изменение климата: будущее планеты в наших руках» приняли участие в онлайн церемонии награждения победителей и признания участников конкурса.


Representatives of Delegations of the European Union (EU) in Central Asia (CA) and journalists participating in the EU contest on “Climate Change: The Planet’s Future is in Our Hands”, gathered for an online Award Ceremony to recognise the participants and announce the winners.


Team Europe and the United Nations have handed over the second consignment of medical supplies to the Government of Nigeria. This second consignment is part of the $22m procurement of essential medical supplies for the COVID-19 response, funded by the EU and endorsed by the Nigerian authorities in the framework of the One UN COVID-19 Basket Fund to which the EU contributed €50m ($60m).

The shipment consists of over 270 cubic metres of thousands of PPEs and hundreds of other sets of medical supplies that will provide adequate healthcare for those affected by the virus but also, and almost more importantly, protection for the heroic frontline medical staff.