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Annual MFA Charity Event

In October, we manned a booth at the annual MFA charity event to promote the EU along with other embassies and international organisations while at the same time contributing to the charity goal.





Ending the confrontations is an important step towards the normalisation of the situation in Burkina Faso. It allows the transitional government to start the necessary consultations for drawing up a new election timetable based on broad political consensus.


La fin des affrontements est un pas important vers la normalisation de la situation au Burkina Faso.  Elle permet au Gouvernement de Transition de lancer la concertation nécessaire pour fixer le nouveau calendrier électoral sur la base d'un large consensus politique.



"The agreement on the withdrawal of tanks, artillery under 100mm and mortars up to 120mm in eastern Ukraine reached yesterday (29 September) within the Trilateral Contact Group's working group on security is a positive step forward.


«L'accord sur le retrait de l'est de l'Ukraine de chars, de pièces d'artillerie d'un calibre inférieur à 100 mm et de mortiers d'un calibre inférieur ou égal à 120 mm trouvé hier (29 septembre) par le groupe de travail chargé de la sécurité au sein du groupe de contact trilatéral constitue un pas en avant.


I applied for the JPD because I wanted to become involved in EU diplomacy in the post-Soviet region as a logical evolution in my professional career. Before, I completed Russian studies in the US, volunteer for a year in a Russian orphanage, did a traineeship at the Spanish Embassy in Kazakhstan and wrote a master's thesis on Ukraine at the College of Europe.

When I got to know the EU’s Junior Professional in Delegations (JPD) program, I knew I had to apply. It seemed like a great opportunity for acquiring a first-hand experience into the workings of an EU Delegation and also for getting a better knowledge about the politics, history and culture of another part of the world.

Remarks by the HR/VP after the E3/EU+3 meeting with Iran in New York