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Livestock is an important sub-component of the agricultural sector and plays a key role in the national as well as household economy. The majority of the smallholder farmers keep livestock in the backyard as a source of food (eggs, meat, milk and honey), as draught animals (ploughing), and as a form of savings and cash to buy food and basic consumables in times of need.

La inauguración de la Asamblea Constituyente y sus primeras acciones, entre ellas la destitución de Luisa Ortega de su cargo de fiscal general, han debilitado aún más las perspectivas de retorno pacífico al orden democrático en Venezuela, contrariamente a recientes afirmaciones según las cuales la paz y la democracia resultarían beneficiadas. Han incrementado, además, la polarización de una sociedad ya dividida.

The climate in the area around Mendefera (Zoba Debub) is favourable for production of potato, one of the staple crops in Eritrea. Traditional farming results in a poor yield of about one tonne per hectare; with improved seeds, combined with appropriate farming techniques, yields can easily reach up to 4 tonnes per hectare. The tissue culture laboratory at the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) is contributing to this result: it cleans seeds so that they are free of pathogens (viruses, bacteria and fungi).

Today, the CDF - General Ahmed Mohamed Jimale - visited the GDTC and had a meeting with the Somali soldiers that are being trained by European soldiers in accordance with the 5 mandates of the EUTM mission.