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A Delegação da União Europeia em Moçambique organizou uma série de eventos durante o mês de Maio para celebrar o Dia da Europa em Moçambique.


The Delegation organized again a series of events to celebrate Europe Day in Mozambique.

The FFS approach as jointly promoted by EU and FAO and implemented through KULIMA programme is transforming beneficiaries from passive recipients into fully skilled actors of the change process.

The EU Delegation to Kenya is a proud sponsor of the world’s first ever TEDx event from a refugee camp!

TEDxKakumaCamp, on 9th June 2018, offers a different lens into the reality of life as a refugee, away from the images of devastation and suffering, and towards stories of resilience, of contribution, of creativity. Stories that uplift and inspire…

EU supports the implementation of the “EU for Yerevan Solar Community” project implemented by the Yerevan Municipality.