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A €50 million programme will support the access of Tanzanian citizens to affordable and sustainable energy through extending energy grids as well as expanding distribution networks.

Dans le cadre de son plan d'action destiné à mieux protéger l'enfance dans notre pays et développer la performance des acteurs du "champ judiciaire", le ministère de la justice organise du 1er et 2 novembre 2017 à l'hôtel Mirage, Fès, dans le cadre du programme "Himaya" mis en œuvre en coopération avec l'Unicef et cofinancé par l'Union européenne, une rencontre d'étude régionale sous le thème: "les moyens de développer l'efficacité de la justice de la famille dans le traitement des dossiers des enfants en contact avec la loi".


في إطار تفعيل وزارة العدل لخطة عملها من أجل تعزيز حماية الطفولة بالمغرب وتطوير أداء الفاعلين في "الحقل القضائي"، تنظم وزارة العدل في إطار برنامج "حماية" للتعاون مع منظمة الأمم المتحدة للطفولة وبدعم من الاتحاد الأوربي، لقاء دراسيا جهويا يومي 01 و02 نوفمبر 2017 بفندق ميراج بمدينة فاس وذلك حول موضوع : "سبل تطوير نجاعة القضاء الأسري في معالجة ملفات الأطفال في تماس مع القانون"؛


The European Commission today announced how it will spend €30 billion of the EU research and innovation funding programme Horizon 2020 during 2018-2020, including €2.7 billion to kick-start a European Innovation Council.


Европейская Комиссия объявила, на что пойдут 30 млрд евро бюджета программы финансирования исследований и инноваций ЕС «Горизонт 2020» в 2018—2020 годах. В частности, 2,7 млрд евро будет направлено на запуск деятельности Европейского совета по инновациям.


The Delegation of the European Union to India, the Department of Science & Technology and the Department of Biotechnology are organising an Information and Brokerage event on 3 November 2017 to present their Joint Call on Research and Innovation for Water. In total, € 30 mn. (or about INR 225 crs.) has been earmarked for research and innovation actions aiming at improving the quality of drinking water, waste water management and real time monitoring and control systems. The EU and India will fund € 15 mn. each.

The 7th AU-EU Civil Society Human Rights Seminar took place in Banjul (The Gambia) on 28-29 October 2017 just before the AU-EU Human Rights Dialogue on 31 October. The topic of this-year CSO Seminar was: "Tackling Torture in Africa and Europe" with financial support from the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR). The Seminar counted with the participation of more than 60 CSO representatives and experts from Europe and Africa, who came up with a list of recommendations on torture addressed to African and European counterparts.