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07/05/2021 – HR/VP Blog – It was fitting that we discussed with EU Defence Ministers concrete ways for the EU to do more, more efficiently and faster when a crisis strikes, only a week after my visit to the Sahel, where the EU is heavily engaged to respond to one of today’s most important security and governance crises.

On a 9th of May, 71 years ago, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Robert Schuman, said in an emotional speech that a united Europe could contribute to world peace through concrete achievements, words that are considered the birth of the European Union.

A unique experience: 50,000 flower seedlings on 600 square metres on Podgorica’s Independence Square

An Indonesia-EU CEPA (IEU CEPA) impact assessment has been developed with the support of ARISE Plus Indonesia. Here is the result of the study.

Jedinstven doživljaj: 50 000 sadnica cvijeća na 600 metara kvadratnih na Trgu Nezavisnosti u Podgorici


On Sunday, 9 May 2021, for the 13th year, New Yorkers will see the Empire State Building tower lit in EU colours: blue and yellow.