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On 27 November, Prof. Kohei Itoh from the Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University, briefed the EU S&T Counsellors on quantum computing research and development led by the Japanese government and industries.




To support partner countries in the fight against the coronavirus and its consequences, the European Union has mobilised a “Team Europe” package of over €800 million for the ASEAN region.

With the help of the EU supported “Programme for Social Reintegration for Women-Victims of Domestic Violence” 33-year-old Natalia, 18-year-old Chinara, and 43-year-old Iana, all victims of domestic abuse, are prepared to regain their independence from their abusers. Iana is a violinist. Her ex did not allow her to play. "Once, he took my violin, threw it away and it broke (...) After coming to the shelter, when they asked how to help me, the first thing I asked for was to repair my violin, and the project satisfied my request." Natia and her three children were given temporary shelter and psychological services, and she was also given the help she needed to develop skills to continue living an independent life. Chinara became a victim of domestic violence because of her father who forced her to marry at a young age. The ombudsman’s office helped her to leave home a few days before the wedding.