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Initiation of negotiations for homologation of organic products


Pakistan Ulema Council organised the 'Message of Islam Conference' in Islamabad on 10 February to convey a global message of peaceful coexistence from the leading Muslim scholars. With participation of renowned religious leaders from different faiths and sects, the meeting denounced all forms of extremism and violence.

You are invited to an off-the-record briefing on the Joint Communication "Elements for an EU regional strategy for Syria and Iraq as well as the Da'esh threat", at the EEAS building, Rond-Point Schuman 9, on Tuesday 10 February at 13h30.

Experts from EEAS, DG NEAR, DEVCO and ECHO will be present to brief you on the strategy and answer your questions on relevant issues.

La nueva Embajadora y Jefe de la Delegación de la Unión Europea (UE) para Colombia, Ana Paula Zacarias, presentó este martes 9 de febrero Cartas Credenciales ante el Presidente de la República Juan Manuel Santos. Al acto, celebrado en el salón amarillo de la Casa de Nariño, estuvo igualmente presente la Ministra de Relaciones Exteriores, María Ángela Holguín.

Statement outlining the EU's condemnation of the launch using ballistic missile technology by the DPRK.


Every day, between 2,000 and 3,000 refugees and migrants arrive on Greek islands and need basic emergency assistance. They continue to come despite it being Winter.

The EU and its Member States have been supporting Greece in managing the continuing arrival of refugees and migrants by providing emergency assistance items and equipment

Посол Евросоюза в России Вигаудас Ушацкас дал интервью "Новой Газете". Читайте, что рассказал Посол о санкциях, о Крыме и о ситуации в Украине.

Samskipti Íslands við Evrópu grundvallast á samningnum um Evrópska efnahagssvæðið – EES-samningnum – en hann veitir Íslendingum m.a. tækifæri á að sækja sér nám, starfa og stunda viðskipti við önnur ríki innan álfunnar. Samningnum fylgja þó einnig töluverðar skuldbindingar og hefur Ísland staðið sig verst við að uppfylla þær af því 31 ríki sem er aðili að EES-samningnum.


In the beginning of the year the Icelandic government received a report on the functioning of the EEA Agreement, in which various ideas for improving Iceland's performance are introduced. Páll Þórhallsson, who is the chair of the committee responsible for the new report, will introduce the report's main findings.