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On September 15th-16th, in the framework of the European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD), agro-tour and seminar will be held in Samtskhe-Javakheti for media representatives. The event is organised by ENPARD Communication Unit (ECU).

On September 15th, the participants of the media-tour will visit ENPARD funded agricultural cooperatives in Akhalkalaki: “Khulgumo 2010” and “Five Star 2010”. Also, the journalists will visit Akhalkalaki Farmers’ Service Center.

On September 16th, media-tour will continue in Akhaltsikhe in agricultural cooperative “Moskhi”.
On the same day, media representatives will attend an agriculture fair in Akhaltsikhe organised by the consortium of the programme implementing partner, Mercy Coprs. More than 300 agricultural cooperatives registered in the region will attend the fair. Around 40 agricultural service provider companies operating in the region will display their products, and will offer their services to farmers and agricultural cooperatives.
Also, media representatives will participate in a media seminar on: State aid programmes implemented by Agricultural Cooperatives Development Agency (ACDA) in Samtskhe-Javakheti.

The event is open to press and media.

For more information please contact Maia Chitaia,, tel 599 490 012.

The EU-funded ENPARD programme’s support to Georgia’s agriculture and rural development since 2013 has been EUR 102 million. For more information please visit
For more information about ENPARD in Georgia, please contact:
Delegation of the European Union to Georgia: Communications Manager, Mikolaj Bekasiak,
Action Global Communications: ENPARD Communications Unit, Ms Maia Chitaia,; Tel. 599 490 012


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Сегодня мы отмечаем Международный день демократии.

This time last year, the European Union and our partners all around the world were preparing for the COP21, the Paris Climate Conference that we all hoped would deliver the first ever binding, universal climate agreement. Well, we did it. All of us: the EU and Israel, the world's largest economies and its least developed countries, from the Arctic to the Pacific Islands. Last December,195 countries agreed on a global action plan to put the world on track to avoid dangerous climate change by limiting global warming to well below 2°C.


באותה תקופה אשתקד, התכוננו אנו באיחוד האירופי ושותפינו ברחבי העולם ל- COP21 , ועידת
האקלים בפריז, זו שכולנו קיווינו כי תוליד את הסכם האקלים הכלל עולמי המחייב הראשון אי פעם. - -
ואכן, עשינו זאת. כולנו: האיחוד האירופי וישראל, הכלכלות הגדולות בעולם והמדינות הכי פחות
מפותחות בו, מהאזור הארקטי ועד איי האוקיינוס השקט. בחודש דצמבר שעבר, סמכו 195 מדינות
את ידיהן על תכנית פעולה עולמית שתעלה את העולם על נתיב שיאפשר לו להימנע משינוי אקלים
מסוכן על ידי הגבלת התחממות כדור הארץ לשתי מעלות צלזיוס לכול הפחות.


صدر عن الممثلة العليا للاتحاد الأوروبي فيديريكا موغريني البيان التالي بمناسبة اليوم الدولي للديمقراطية
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