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The EU firmly condemns the actions of the Nicaraguan authorities against opposition parties, media, journalists and other media workers, human rights defenders and civil society, including the systematic detention and arrest of potential presidential candidates and opposition leaders. The political use of the judicial system, the exclusion of candidates from the elections and the arbitrary delisting of opposition parties are contrary to basic democratic principles and constitute a serious violation of the rights of the Nicaraguan people under the Nicaraguan Constitution and under International Law.

10 September 2021, New York – Statement by the European Union delivered by H.E. Ambassador Silvio Gonzato, Deputy Head of the Delegation of the European Union to the United Nations, at the Executive Board OF UNDP, UNFPA and UNOPS Annual Session 2021: UNFPA Segment on Agenda Item 12: Statement by the Executive Director and Annual Report

Seven months into the conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray region, human rights atrocities and the full-blown humanitarian crisis are alarming, currently pushing 400,000 innocent people to the brink of famine and loss of life. This must be addressed immediately. We do well to remember the 1980s famine in Ethiopia, which led to an estimated one million deaths, many as a result of food assistance being blocked.

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Ambassadors, ladies and gentlemen,


1.  The 2021 geopolitical landscape

I am pleased to speak to you today about the role of the EU on the maintenance of international peace and security.

We live in a world where the demand for multilateral solutions is greater than the supply. We see more divisions, more free-riding and more distrust than the world can afford. 

Bu gün (10 iyun cümə axşamı), Azərbaycan Qida Təhlükəsizliyi Agentliyi (AQTA), Avropa İttifaqının (Aİ) Azərbaycandakı Nümayəndəliyi tərəfindən, o cümlədən, Aİ Üzv Dövlətləri tərəfdən icraçı partnyorlar olaraq - Latviya və Litva tərəfindən Zoom platforması vasitəsilə, dövlət qurumlarından və qeyri-hökumət təşkilatlarından təxminən 50 digər maraqlı tərəfdaşların iştirakı ilə Aİ-Azərbaycan Tvinninq Layihəsinin başlanmasına dair ilk konfrans keçirildi.


On 10 June, a Kick off conference on launching of the EU-Azerbaijan Twinning Project was held via the Zoom platform by the Azerbaijani Food Safety Agency (AFSA), the European Union (EU) Delegation, Latvia and Lithuania as implementing partners on the EU Member State side with participation of some 50 other stakeholders from state institutions as well as non-governmental organizations.