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On 7 May, In Tbilisi, In Rike Park in Tbilisi, the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia with 18 EU member state embassies and other partners, will hold a public Europe Day celebration event from 12:00-22:00.


7 მაისს, ევროკავშირის წარმომადგენლობა საქართველოში 18 ევროკავშირის წევრი ქვეყნის საელჩოებსა და სხვა პარტნიორ ორგანიზაციებთან ერთად, თბილისში, რიყის პარკში მართავს ევროპის დღის აღსაღნიშნავ ღონისძიებას.


Education is a cornerstone in societal development. No country can achieve sustainable economic progress and build a prosperous future without substantial investment in human capital through education and learning. Education enriches people’s understanding of reality and broadens their horizon. It improves the quality of their lives and leads to social benefits both for individuals and the whole society. Education raises people’s productivity and creativity, promoting entrepreneurship and technological advances.