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Isabel Santos, Jefa de la Misión de Observación Electoral de la Unión Europea, presentó hoy en una conferencia de prensa en Caracas la valoración preliminar de las elecciones del 21 de noviembre por parte de los observadores europeos.

This preliminary statement of the EU election observation mission (EU EOM) is delivered before the completion of the entire electoral process. Critical stages remain, including adjudication of petitions and nomination of elected officials. The EU EOM is now only in a position to comment on observation undertaken to date, and will later publish a final report, including full analysis and recommendations for electoral reform.


Esta declaración preliminar de la Misión de Observación Electoral de la Unión Europea (MOE UE) se entrega antes de la finalización del proceso electoral. Quedan etapas críticas, como la resolución de recursos y la proclamación de los cargos electos. La MOE UE sólo está en condiciones de comentar en este momento la observación realizada hasta la fecha, más adelante publicará un informe final, que incluirá un análisis completo y recomendaciones de reformas electorales.


Assistente no domínio da Gestão Contratual e Financeira e das Auditorias
para Secção Finanças, Contratos e Auditoria

كجزء من استجابة الاتحاد الأوروبي الموحدة للاستغلال الذي ترعاه دولة للأشخاص على الحدود الخارجية للاتحاد الأوروبي مع بيلاروسيا، تقترح المفوضية والممثل الأعلى اليوم تدابير لمنع وتقييد أنشطة مشغلي النقل الذين يسهلون أو يشاركون في التهريب أو الاتجار بالبشر إلى داخل الاتحاد الأوروبي. سيضيف هذا أداة جديدة إلى مجموعة أدوات الاتحاد الأوروبي لدعم الدول الأعضاء المتضررة من مثل هذه الهجمات المُرَكَّبة، وينبغي أن تصاحب أي تدابير تتخذ بموجب هذا المقترح أشكال الدعم الأخرى، ولا سيما المساعدة الإنسانية.


As part of the European Union's united response to state-sponsored instrumentalisation of people at the EU's external border with Belarus, the Commission and High Representative propose today measures to prevent and restrict the activities of transport operators that engage in or facilitate smuggling or trafficking of people into the EU. This will add a new instrument to the EU's toolbox for supporting Member States affected by such hybrid attacks. Other forms of support notably humanitarian assistance should accompany any measures taken under this instrument.


We offer a post of Accounts Clerk . Under this post, the recruited person will be attributed functions depending on the needs of the Delegation. Upon recruitment, the successful candidate will occupy a specific job function as Secretary. This job function may be changed in accordance with the needs of the Delegation. Under this job function the successful candidate will serve as technical and support staff to under the supervision and responsibility of the relevant Head of Section.

An upcoming special session of the World Health Assembly, taking place from 29 November to 1 December 2021, will discuss the benefits of developing a new global agreement on pandemic preparedness and response. It offers a historic opportunity to protect current and future generations from health crises.