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Зиёда аз 420 нафар ҷавонони вилояти Бадахшонро дар мавзӯи "Соҳибкории худро шурӯъ кун ва ривоҷ деҳ" аз омӯзиш гузаронданд.

Over 420 young people of Badakhshan are trained on "Start and Improve Your Business" agenda.


2 August 2016, Kathmandu: The European Union (EU) from 1 August 2016,has taken over from the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), the role of Development Partner Focal Point for the Local Education Group. As Focal Point, the EU supported by the Embassy of Finland as Co-Focal Point, is tasked to represent development partners in policy dialogue, consultations, reviews and other interactions with the Government in support of school reform in Nepal, notably the implementation of the new School Sector Development Plan (SSDP).

The Papua New Guinea Forest Authority (PNGFA) recently held a regional training workshop from August 01-02, for its Highlands Regional officers to receive training on the EU- FAO National Forestry Inventory (NFI) which is a project that aims at better knowing all the forestry assets of PNG and therefore to be in better position to protect them.

Dans le cadre de la Facilité Paix, l'UE a signé hier un accord sur 50 millions € (32,7 milliards de FCFA) pour renforcer la Force Multinationale Mixte-FMM de lutte contre Boko Haram. Cet accord préparé avec le mandat du Conseil Paix et sécurité de l'Union africaine intervient dans un contexte marqué par le redéploiement des efforts des pays membres de la Commission du Bassin du Lac Tchad (CBLT) et le Bénin, dans l'optique d'éliminer la menace que constitue le groupe terroriste Boko Haram et partant sécuriser les personnes et les zones touchées par cette crise.

In the framework of the Support to the Modernization of the Administration of Justice (SMAJ) project funded by the European Union (EU), European experts shared their expertise with staff members of the National Centre for Judicial Studies (NCJS)and of the Judicial Information Centre (JIC). During a workshop held at the NCJS premises, the experts also discussed E-learning capacity-building and its implementation in Egypt. The EU has allocated Nine million Euros to the SMAJ project which aims at supporting the Egyptian Ministry of Justice and related institutional bodies. Further activities, including new workshops based on peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge and know-how, are planned in the coming months. The SMAJ project runs until December 2018.

The European Union Delegation in Vientiane organizes an annual meeting with the former EU Erasmus Plus scholarship recipients and bid farewell for 12 new awardees from Laos before they head to EU member countries including Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Poland and Portugal to carry out their studies at different levels ranging from doctorate degree to professional trainings.