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The United Nations Security Council adopted on Saturday a much-needed resolution on cross border assistance that is crucial for helping people suffering from the conflict in Syria.

We appreciate the tireless efforts of the penholders - Germany and Belgium - and all other EU Member States and likeminded countries at the UN Security Council to get the resolution adopted in order to ensure the maintenance of essential cross border assistance to the people of Syria.

We just concluded the virtual meeting with President [of Serbia Aleksandar] Vučić and Prime Minister [of Kosovo] Avdullah Hoti. I’m glad to say that after the Paris Summit [last Friday] and today’s meeting, the EU-facilitated Dialogue on comprehensive normalisations of relations between Serbia and Kosovo is back on track after 20 months.

I am glad that we are resuming the Belgrade Pristina Dialogue by videoconference, given the circumstances, and I welcome the commitment of both parties. Our aim is clear: to restart serious and intense work on the normalisation of the relations between the two sides.

Today, I’m accompanied by EU Special Representative [for the Dialogue and other Western Balkan regional issues] Miroslav Lajčák.

On Sunday 12 July the Belgrade - Pristina Dialogue facilitated by the European Union will resume in Brussels in the form of videoconference. It will be first high-level meeting of the Dialogue since 2018 and will be followed by an in-person high-level meeting in Brussels on Thursday16 July.

The EU takes part in commemorating the Srebrenica genocide, one of the darkest chapters of modern European history. Our duty is to remember and learn from Srebrenica, and to honour the memory of those laid to rest and all those still missing. This is a necessary step to work for a better common future for all Europeans.

11/07/2020 - In Srebrenica, 25 years ago, the darkest page of Europe’s modern history was written. In the early 1990’s, European integration was making progress and former communist states were looking towards the West and to Brussels for building peaceful and prosperous democracies on our continent.

Monsieur le Ministre de l’Agro-industrie et de la Sécurité Alimentaire ;

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