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Every year, the European Film Festival celebrates its diversity with Kenyans by showcasing films from different European Countries – in different languages and different genres but united in our European identity.

"Instruction for Grant Applicants on PADOR and PROSPECT - Call for Proposals Number 155297 Energy efficient household devices, distribution, after-sales structures and Mini-grids for exploring economic growth potential in rural areas"

On 11 May, the EU Delegation and the British Council organised the Study in Europe Fair in Tashkent with participation of more than 20 universities and educational organisations from 14 European states.

10 мая в Ташкенте состоялся прием по случаю Дня Европы.

On 10 May, 2017, the EU Delegation hosted a reception on the occasion of Europe Day.

15 мая в Брюсселе проходит заседание Совета ЕС по иностранным делам.