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Денот на Европа, кој секоја година се одржува на 9-ти мај, го слави мирот и единството во Европа.  На оваа дата се одбележува годишнината од историската Декларација на Шуман. Во говорот одржан во Париз во 1950 год., Роберт Шуман, тогашен француски министер за надворешни работи, ја претставил идејата за нова форма на политичка соработка во Европа, со која војните помеѓу народите во Европа ќе станат незамисливи.


How does one become a great leader? That was one of the questions raised during the opening of the EUAM programme, ‘Leading the change’, in Kyiv last week, when 24 staff from the Ukraine Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Police, Security Service, Fiscal Service, Border Guard Service, Ministry of Justice, and the Secretariat of the National Security and Defence Council, came together to consider the reforms needed in the country.

The Government of Uganda (GoU) in partnership with the European Union (EU) launch ambitious programme worth 150.6 million Euros to eradicate poverty and under nutrition in Northern Uganda.

Abul Khair and Michael Raihan Alih share a common vision for their community in Basilan: social enterprise can help increase income and uplift the social and economic well-being of a community in a sustainable way.

On 6 May 2018, in the premises of Government Media Information Centre, the European Union and the Central Statistics Organization (CSO) have jointly presented the main results of the Afghanistan Living Conditions Survey (ALCS 2016-17), formerly known as the National Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (NRVA). The EU in Afghanistan has supported the CSO in producing the ALCS since 2005.