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La UE trabaja en campos muy diversos, desde los derechos humanos hasta el transporte o el comercio. Una lista de temas que resume la actividad de la UE en cada ámbito, con enlaces a los organismos, la legislación y los documentos relacionados.


The overall objective of this programme – which is to empower Technical, Entrepreneurial and Vocational Training and thereby responding to the labour market's need for skilled professionals – will be achieved through expanding access to technical training, improving the quality and relevance of technical training and including entrepreneurial skills in the training.

The EU, its Member States in Kabul and Norway welcome the appointment of the new members to the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and to the Electoral Complaint Commission (ECC).

The appointments represent a necessary step towards implementing meaningful electoral reform and to prepare for elections. Holding credible periodic elections is essential for the legitimacy of the state.

We call on the IEC and ECC to work for a transparent and inclusive electoral process that can restore public confidence in future elections.

The European Union's Ambassador to Australia H.E. Sem Fabrizi, delivered a speech in Canberra addressing a public audience on the EU's climate action at an event organised by the EU Delegation and the ANU Climate Institute. (Canberra, 22 November).

The Australian Financial Review's Resources Editor, Angela Macdonald-Smith, is the recipient of the 2016 European Union-QANTAS Journalist Award, one of Australia's most prestigious journalism prizes.

Séance plénière Processus de Kimberley du 13 au 17 novembre 2016 à Dubaï