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On February 14, the Government of Zambia signed the plunge pool reshaping works contract (almost 50 million EURO; approximately 530 million Kwacha) with the company Razel-BEC at a signing ceremony held at the Kariba dam wall. The contract was endorsed for financing (100% grant) by the European Union at the same signing ceremony.

L'Union européenne et la République démocratique populaire lao ont conclu avec succès leur 8e comité mixte


The European Union and Lao PDR successfully hold their eighth Joint Committee


On 20 February 2017 (Monday), Ambassador Samuel Žbogar, Head of Delegation of the European Union, will visit the town of Strumica as part of the recently launched "EU for YOU" campaign.


The campaign "EU for YOU" started on 27 January, in Kičevo, with the objective to raise awareness and inform the public about the EU assistance in the country.


Through the support of ACP-EU Energy Facility II EDF fund, from 2012 to mid-2016, small holding farmers in 34 villages, within three sub-regions of Berik, Gala Nefhi and Serejeka, Maekel region have built 25,000 fuel efficient stoves (Adhanet) and planted 3 million plant seedlings to enhance forestry initiatives in the community enclosures to reverse the threats caused by environment and climate change.