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The Delegation of the European Union in Brazil, the NGO called Gestos, the Ebert Stiftung Foundation and the Civil Society Working Group for Agenda 2030 held a seminar to discuss the priorities for 2020 of Development Cooperation with Civil Society.

The Fifth EU-Liberia Political Dialogue, held on Thursday 8 June 2017 under the theme: “Consolidating Peace and Economic Development,” was co-chaired by Foreign Minister, Her Excellency Marjon V. Kamara and Head of EU Delegation to Liberia, Ambassador Tiina Intelmann.

We are bound by history, friendship, shared values, and by family. Crime undermines the fundamentals of a society. Personal safety is a natural aspiration for any individual. Insecurity breeds social unrest and limits social progress. And there are also economic consequences, if we just think of the negative impact on the business and investment climate. What happens anywhere in the Caribbean affects us. Not only from the perspective of our outermost regions, but also seen from Continental Europe: In a world where threats no longer emerge along geographical lines our neighbourhood is everywhere! For all these reasons, we have, for many years, been a key partner in cooperation programmes on crime prevention and justice in the countries of the region and we will continue to be a partner in the future.

''There can be no competition between our institutions and this has been evident over the last year. The European Union has taken unprecedented steps in the field of our common security and defence so we have advanced the European Union defence. And at the very same time in parallel, we have signed – as many of you have mentioned – a EU-NATO Joint Declaration last year in Warsaw that would have been just unthinkable a few years ago. And the two things have managed to go hand in hand in parallel, perfectly well, last year and we are continuing.''

Ce sujet et bien d'autres ont fait l'objet de discussions le 24 mai dernier, pendant la première session ordinaire annuelle du dialogue politique structuré entre les deux partenaires.

Nos dias 12 e 13 de junho, o Ministério das Finanças da Guiné-Bissau, através da Direção Geral de Orçamento realiza, no Hotel Azalai, um Workshop para a Formação e informação aos cidadãos sobre o processo orçamental para melhorar o conhecimento, a familiaridade dos cida noeste processo. Esta acção enquadra-se no âmbito do Projeto "Reforço das Competências Técnicas e Funcionais das Instituições Superiores de Controlo (ISC), Parlamentos Nacionais e Sociedade Civil para o controlo das finanças públicas nos PALOP e em Timor-Leste", (Pro PALOP-TL ISC).