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EU News 246/2017


The General Affairs Council today adopted conclusions calling for the strengthening of European cybersecurity and enhancing cyber resilience across the EU, in line with the tasking from the European Council in October 2017.
The conclusions stress the need for all EU countries to make the necessary resources and investment available to address cybersecurity. They welcome the intention of increasing EU efforts in cybersecurity research and development by setting up a network of cybersecurity competence centres across the Union.

On 20 November, the Council extended the mandate of the European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) in Ukraine until 31 May 2019 and approved a budget of € 32 million for the next 18 months.

Africa's exports to the European Union (EU) amounted to more than €116 billion in 2016. Europe is by far Africa's largest export market (35% of Africa's exports), followed by Africa itself (18%), China (11%), the USA (8%) and India (7%).

L’Union européenne continuera de diriger les travaux de la communauté des bailleurs de fonds en faveur des réfugiés rohingyas, car nous pensons que la dignité humaine et la vie des populations doivent être protégées, a déclaré Mme Mogherini.